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Three core values in Azala

1 Pride

Our priority is making women feel confident and proud of their skin. We celebrate the strength that being and feeling a woman gives us. That force that makes us decisive, ambitious, brave, empowered and fun; that force that makes us strive to be better every day.

2 Quality

We strive to continuously improve. We are committed to complete integrity and honesty in everything we do and our goal is to offer products made with the best natural ingredients.

3 Bond

We want to hear from you and know what you need; we are open to your questions and suggestions. One of our main goals is creating strong bonds, build trust, support and connect with all women.


Women supporting women

Our team is made up of 90% women and that is why we understand you.
We know and share the challenges that come with being a woman and are interested in the same things.


Our mission is to help you with the problems that concern you about your skin, offering you products with ingredients that improve your health and vitality. We formulate products that combine clinically proven ingredients.

Clean formulas

Our formulas are made with natural ingredients, are safe and free of parabens, sulfates, silicones and other questionable health ingredients. We do not test on animals. We respect the environment. We work with recyclable materials: we eliminate single-use plastics and cardboard or paper.

Our founder: Cristina Silva

Cristina was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and her thyroid had to be burned. This caused excessive cellulite to appear.

She looked everywhere for natural products to combat it, but what little she found was very expensive and they did not convince her because she felt that the products she saw lacked something.

Cellulite being a multifactorial problem , Cristina needed products that would "attack" cellulite from all sides, that would restore balance to her skin, her self-esteem, and make her feel confident and proud of her skin.

About us

From the need to find the perfect combination of ingredients in products that promote from within the elimination of fats, liquids and toxins, cleanses the skin in depth, helps circulation and works on improving skin texture. After working with a group of specialists, the Azala Natura Kit was formulated for cellulite. The kit had incredible results on their skin and the same thing happened when they tested it on a group of people with cellulite. Cristina decided to dedicate herself fully to skin care and began working on products that women needed. This is how the Kit Mum for pregnancy and the Erase-it cream for skin lightening were developed.


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